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We are a team of developers specializing in AI, Machine learning, Marketplace, Design, Maintenance, Analytics, Development, Server management, Payment Gateway, Finance, Content Writing and Testing.

We also offer different sets of Micro-services enabling to reduce the development time by a factor of 3 to 5 times less. A team of backend and frontend developers, a PM, designers and QA team will work on each marketplace site for 2–3 months to build the individual customized workflow and UIs. We develop, maintain and advance your product so you can focus on your business, funding and user acquisition.

Yes, any project you give us and is associated with us will have work done from design till testing. We have excellent designers both in-house and in our professional freelancers.

Yes, you can. Our engagement managers will assist you in forming your team and having a close quarters with them until the project is over being the one point of communication at all times.

Every product we build comes with the basic English language integration. You can add more if you want by quoting with the same at scoping of the project.

You can check out Ingram, GM, Slibuy to name a few; all these big names have been handled by us.

No worries! We will take your payments in 4-5 installments as we complete each project.

We believe less the quantity more the quality. Like every other freelancer marketplace on the internet we do not load you with choices, but we analyse to offer you the best of best. Both our in-house team and freelancer team are hand picked with utmost vetting fully equipped with professional niche.

If you don’t have sufficient funds. You can go for our optional plan of “You do it”, where you can post your job and we will suggest you top 5 freelancers in the business. You can either call them or mail them and hire for your needs.

You can let your engagement manager know about the particular case and they will assist you in integrating our team with yours for effective planning.

Our site consists of a mix of our vetted code and custom written code. We own the copyright to anything we wrote before beginning the engagement and license you non-exclusive rights to use, modify, display, sell, and derive from our code upon full payment under this agreement. Everything we custom write for you belongs to you. Period.

We have in-house developers in Texas and India; and freelancers from almost around the globe.